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Power electronic device of the new materials

1,High-frequency kenotron of high-pressure GaAs

With the constant improvement of the switching frequency of the converter, the requirements for fast recovery diode are thereupon improved too. As everyone knows, the gallium arsenide diode has high-frequency switching characteristic of having an advantage over silicon diode, but because of the reason of respects such as the technology,etc., the withstand voltage of the gallium arsenide diode is lower, real application is limited. In order to meet the application needs of high pressure, high speed, high frequency and low EMI, GaAs high-frequency kenotron has already been developed successfully. Compared with silicon fast recovery diode, such new diode has reverse leakage current that varies with temperature littly, the switching loss is low, such distinctive features as it is good that the opposite direction is for revovering.

2,Power device of the carborundum

SIC carborundum Develop the most mature large energy gap semiconductor material at present, it is very important too in the electric and electronic respect, can make, happen the intersection of characteristic and further more excellent high temperature ' 300 ℃- 500 ℃ , high frequency, heavy-duty, at a high speed, radioprotective device. SIC heavy-duty, high-pressure device is significant to the energy-conservation of apparatuses such as transporting and electric automobile of service message,etc.. Adopt the new device of SIC and appear within the following 5- 10 years, and will produce revolutionary influence on the semiconductor material.

SIC can be used for making radio frequency and microwave power device, high-frequency rectifier, MESFET, MOSFET and JFET,etc.. SIC high-frequency power device been researched and developed successfully in the intersection of Motorola and Company, and apply to microwave and radio frequency and fit; GE is developing SIC power device and high-temperature device; Westinghouse Electric has already produced the Very High Frequency MESFET of making the work in 26GHz frequency; ABB Company is developing the high pressure, high-power SIC rectifier and other SIC low frequency power devices used for industry and electric system.

Theoretical anylysis indicates, SIC power devices very close to the ideal power device. We can predict, the research and development of different SIC devices will become one of the main trends of the power device research field. But we want sober seeing, SIC material and mechanism, theory and manufacture process of the power device have a large number of problems that need solving, it should really bring the new revolution to electric and electronic technical field, estimate that also needs wait of time.


The application of the electric electronic devices and components has already got deeply to all respects of industrial production and social life, actual to need to promote the constant innovation of the device greatly. The power electronic device is entering the power electronic device era of new generation taking new device as body, it will basically replace the traditional device. " a generation of electric electron technology that a generation of devices determine, " As the governing factor of the electric and electronic technical development, research and development and key technological break-through of the power electronic device, will inevitablely promote the technical rapid development of electric electron, thus has promoted the rapid development of traditional industry and new high-tech industry based on electric electron technology.



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