domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

electric electronic devices and components develop the tendency

With electric electron being technical and constant to develop at full speed, too towards high-power, apt to drive and the intersection of direction and fast steady development of high frequency modern power electronic device. The technical application of electric electron is expanding constantly too, especially on applications of heavy industry such as the electricity, mine, metallurgy, steel-making,etc., electric electron technology is giving play to its autogenous advantage constantly.

Because the electric electron has very important positions in national economy, for can enable electricity high-efficient while being rational, modern developed country 75% of electric energy use after varying or controlling. It is estimated come will it be the end 21st century, the figure rise to 95% more than. But the electric energy of China changes and still far from reaching and employing electric electron technology the result that could reach. By the end of 2010, the China Power demand will reach 381 million kilowatt-hour, the total capacity of generator installation will reach 852 million kilowatts, therefore we can find out, electric electron technology is in China the potentiality of development is still very huge.

Application of third, electric electron technology in frequency converter and electronic power supply



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