domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Frequency converter with total capacity of market of 200 billion – 300 billion

The frequency converter utilizes on-off action of the electric semiconductor device to transform the power of mains frequency to the electric energy of another frequency and control the device, can realize to exchanging the soft start of the asynchronous machine, speed regulation by frequency variation, improving and operating the precision, changing power factor, excessive load / overvoltage / functions such as overload protection,etc.. Employ the technology of frequency conversion and microelectronic technology, control the electric drive component of the alternating current motor by changing frequency and range of the electrical machinery working power. So, the frequency converter is become " modern industrial vitamin " .

The space of market of the frequency converter is very big, play a very important role in trades such as electricity, textile, printing and dyeing, machinery, petrochemical industry,etc. and project. In China, the market of frequency converter is in a course of high growth. For a long time, the market of Chinese frequency converter has been keeping 12% all the time – -15% growth rate. And the growth rate that will still keep above 10% within the next 5 years, see according to present development speed and market demand, after 10 years at least, the market of frequency converter of China could saturate progressively.

Because of the constant enlargement of the demand of the market of frequency converter, constant growth of development speed, the Chinese manufacturing enterprise increases year by year, foreign famous producers come to China to make the investment and found the factory one after another too. However, the greater disparity that Chinese enterprises and big enterprise of foreign countries also exist technically, as to some upper voltage, high-capacity frequency converter China is still at the stage of developing, key technology under one's control, domestic the intersection of frequency converter and nearly for zero required semi-conductive production of power device, had to depend on import, all these brought challenges at the same time after bringing the opportunity for manufacturer of the domestic electric electronic devices and components.



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