domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Market of electronic power supply with more than 17 billion

The power includes electronic power supply and chemical physical power source, the one correlated to electric electronic technology application is the electronic power supply. The electronic power supply varies and controls the public electric wire netting or a certain electric energy, offer the power supply equipment of the high-quality electric energy to various by electric load.

There is market scale of 5 billion yuan at least every year in the switching power supply. Among them, DC/DC converter module power accounts for 25%, AC/DC rectifier accounts for 75%. Because communication of China undertaking investment centralized, so communication power the proportions accounted for even relatively loud in the total value of the switching power supply, it is estimated, the total value of the national switching power supply reaches more than 10 billion yuan.

And modern UPS has generally adopted modern power electronic devices such as modulation technique and power MOSFET, IGBT of the pulse width,etc., use the modern power electronic device to let the noise of the power be reduced, power and reliability increase. According to statistics, the high-power UPS market annual growth about 5% from 2009 to 2011 years, the market of large middle-power will become main motive force of development of UPS trade.



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