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Microwave Devices Help Broadcast HD Content

The way the world delivers digital information is converging. Electronic News Gathering and Broadcasting applications as well as entertainment and live events broadcasting can capture digital content with more flexibility and a higher degree of freedom with HD Roaming.

BMS Europe GmbH is at the cutting-edge of new technology. They provide technology for wireless HD transmission for fixed or mobile operation.

BMS is debuting its new DR6000 MK2 receiver. a 6-way diversity receiver for reception of COFDM RF video signals in a 360-degree view and in a challenging OB environment.

In conjunction with the new NANO-Transmitter Series, BMS provides broadcast wireless solutions extendable for citywide coverage.

The new DR6000 MK2 features also include 2- / 6-way high performance FFT-MRC Diversity, antenna 2 / 6 Input, low delay 40ms end-to-end delay, MPEG4 H.264 ready, MPEG2 HD MPEG-2 422P@HL decoding, repeater Integrated up-converter with auto re-modulation setup, COM Server TCP/IP access for remote control, and GPS data output for the tracking antenna.

The internal decoder provides professional features such as ASI, SDI, HD-SDI, component or composite and analog/embedded audio outputs.

Optionally, the DR6000 MK2 can also be operated as single repeater within an auto-modus for automatically configuring all COFDM settings and presetting. With the in-build 6-way spectrum-analyzer the DR6000 MK2 becomes an essential tool in the broadcast world.

These products integrate digital microwave technology with functionality, ultra small form factor, low power consumption, light weight and future H.264 capabilities to operate in all major bands for Europe or in other desired frequency ranges.

Free HD roaming, high flexibility, without compromise in reliability, enables customers to provide their digital content easily. With these products professionals in multiple markets can now present technologically savvy broadcasts to audiences with an ever-demanding desire for HD content.

BMS Inc designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes microwave transmission systems. BMS offers a broad range of microwave communication products and systems developed for electronic news gathering and entertainment, law enforcement, unmanned aerial vehicles, and military surveillance applications.



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